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2nd Runners-up 2015-HORAE

HORAE Smart Irrigation-LoS Awards Challenge 2016

Project Owner: Steve Osumba
University: Technical University of Kenya
project name: HORAE smart irrigation

Issues HORAE aims to solve

  • Water wastage during irrigation.

  • Application of inappropriate amount of water to crops resulting to poor yield

  • Insufficient data Agri-tech on irrigation.  


  • Controlled irrigation through application of automated valves to avoid wastages.

  • Application of sensors to ensure correct amount of moisture depending on type of crop is used to ensure maximum yields.

  • Collection of real time big data (water consumption, temperature, sunshine intensity and humidity) for future analysis to help maximize production.

Customer Segment
Domestic-gardening farming and Commercial- large farming; plantation and greenhouses ; Small scale; greenhouses
Unique Value Preposition
Project creates an interactive user friendly interface between the farmer and the irrigation system through IT intergraded with digitalized irrigation equipments by use of high-end android applications to control the whole system via mobile phone. Additionally HORAE incorporates use of fertigation into the system which allows for application of fertilizers when in demand.
Existing /Potential partners

  • KARI- for Agri-data on crops.

  • Electronic firms

  • Telecommunication firms 

Social Impact
With HORAE even farmers in the rural areas will be capable of employing and enjoying latest advancement in technology in agricultural field. They will be able to monitor their progress in real time and share or seek professional help online creating a small village for farmers no matter your location. Smart farming technology makes it easier for farmers to monitor the real time status of their crops. This saves on time and water wastage. Since water is applied just in time of need and the required amount then production cost is highly reduced thus the end products are readily available to the consumer at relatively low prices

Revenue Stream

  • Consultation fee

  •  Asset sale – sale of HORAE

  •  Subscription fee–monthly or seasonal data interpretation

  •  Sale of big data

  •  Licensing



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