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1st runner-up 2014: KSLMoby - ICT / Media

KSLMoby- LoS Awards Challange 2014

Project owner: Neville Masheti
University or College: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Project name: KSLMoby

Project overview: 
How do we get to learn the language of the hearing impaired people in Kenya? If organizing public forum/event where will I get a sign language interpreter to cater for the hearing impaired people in attendance? The answer lies in KSLMoby. KSLMoby is an android mobile application that utilizes the Kenya Institute of Sign Language Education (KISE) manuals to offer knowledge on Kenyan sign language to those interested in learning the language. It also provides an avenue to get connected to sign language interpreters as well as market the sign language interpreters. The Kenyan government wishes to have all Kenyans represented and heard. Through this app, Kenyans can be able to learn basic & necessary sign language, communicate with the hearing impaired people better and easily incorporate them in a society that makes them feel disadvantaged.

What is the issue?
With the existence of the hearing impaired people among us, many people are interested in learning the Kenyan Sign language but they lack readily available content, learning aids or reference materials. Sign language is specific to every country therefore every country has its own sign language content. For the Kenyan sign language, there is no application or online content which can be used to help learners learn the language. On the hand, people looking for sign language interpretation services are finding it difficult getting linked to credible sign language interpreters. With the affirmative action in play, sign language interpreters are highly required in public events/forums but people don't know where to get them. Another issue is that the sign language interpreters don't have a platform where they can market themselves to event organizers. Besides that, as new things pop up, new signs need to be developed thus making the existing printed sign language books ineffective in disseminating this ever-changing knowledge and hence the need for a digital media.

Project Objectives: 
1.To offer a learning aid for all those interested in learning Kenyan sign language
2. To provide a reliable avenue where sign language interpreters can easily be accessed or contacted.
3. To provide a digital reference tool for the Kenyan sign language
4.   Marketing sign language interpreters

Sign language enthusiasts/learners, Commercial sign language interpreters, Persons with hearing impairment, Persons looking for sign language interpretation services and Sing language instructors

Due to the emphasis by government on the affirmative action and inclusion of the disabled in various government offices or organizations, the presence of the disabled will be more felt in institutions and public offices. This will lead to a growing need by everyone in the society to at least learn basic sign language and since KSLMoby addresses this need, the app market will keep on growing. Being a pioneer application on Kenyan Sign language, KSLMoby will have a head start hence easily scale. The need for sign language interpretation services and learning are recurrent needs/services hence KSLMoby's relevance will too be recurrent.

KSLMoby is a mobile app that offers basic signs and their interpretations from a beginner’s perspective. The app also has a game with two puzzles a letter puzzle and a number puzzle which are meant to test the user's understanding of basic sign language. Besides that, the application will provide an avenue for app users to view sign language interpreters’ profiles and easily connect with them via phone calls, social media and email. The app also offers a platform for sign language interpreters to create an account and upload their profiles in order to market themselves. The application offers up to date knowledge to the users by just updating the app.


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