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1st Place winner 2014: The automated aqua pump controler - Engineering

The Automated Aqua Pump Controler (AAPC) -LoS Awards Challenge 2014

Project Owner:  Wesly  Akonya
University or College: Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Project name: The Automated Aqua Pump Controler (AAPC)

Project overview: 
This project is about an automatic water detector that identifies availability of water and switches on the pump and whenever there is no water, it switches the pump off. The innovation is notifies the user with a call that the water is being pumped to the required tanks or water reservoirs and also the water levels in the tank that is if it is at minimum or maximum level.

What is the issue?
There is erratic supply of water in urban areas and sometimes there is no way of telling the availability of water or the state of water storage in water tanks. When water is available, it usually doesn't have enough pressure to pump it into storage tanks or water reservoir. Most people use pumps but they are damaged easily because of no regulation. There is need to ensure regulation of pumped water in order to prevent the destruction of water pumps and also to prevent wastage of available meager water and energy.

Project Objectives: 
This project aims to:

  • ensure the maximum utilization of water by preventing wastage 

  • It also aims to reduce water spillage due to overflowing in water tanks and at the water taps

  • It also aims to give a warning when water drops beyond a given minimum at the reservoirs

  • It also aims to minimize electrical energy wastage

 Newton Mwai Kinyanjui

Urban dwellers-Domestic applications in urban areas where there is erratic supply of water,
Farmers-Agricultural applications especially for: -irrigation purposes -Animal watering ,
Industries-Managing of water reservoirs in industries and beverage industries to switch on and off plants which depend on water to run .

The Automated Aqua Pump Controller can be implemented both at a large and small scale and sold on the market at a moderate price. AAPC is an innovation composed of a sensor circuit, mobile phone and a switch. The sensor circuit has a probe that detects presence of water. Since the signal is very small it is amplified and turns on a water pump that pumps the water to a water reservoir and at the same notification phone call is made to the user. When the water reservoir is full, the power supply to the circuit is cut off and the pump stops running. It also gives a warning when water drops beyond a given minim


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