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Steve Osumba (1st runner-up, LoS Awards 2015)

Steve Osumba- 1st runners-up LoS Awards Challange 2015

As a mechanical engineering student, integrating both routine studies and personal endeavors is always challenging. Out of my passion for problem solving innovations, a better part of my free time is meant for research and project developments.

Lions of Science  (LoS) has played a big role in my maturity and development over the past two years. My team and I joined LoS community in 2014 the LoS Awards challenge and the mentorship provided to us has been life changing, we’ve also been able to create a good network of creative and entrepreneurial individuals which so far is amazing.

Working and developing project HORAE the smart irrigation system (1st runners-up 2015 LoS Awards) has made us see and view various situations from totally different angles all thanks to the mentorship from LoS that has proved helpful in handling problems coming our way.

In the course of conducting our routine field works for project HORAE, we noticed a very disturbing situation with the common mwananchi. As much as we tended to concentrate on offering a modernized smart irrigation system, we could not help but notice that these communities had bigger and much more urgent and pressing problems which are life threatening.

Most places we visited, they either had a lake, river or a pond. The sad story is that despite a sustainable water source in the neighborhood, the water was not suitable for consumption. Why? This is because the water’s contamination levels were too high. The situation didn’t get any better for the communities living along River Nairobi basin where contaminants originate from both industrial areas and the slums.

Having witnessed this firsthand, my team and I agreed on running a parallel project due to the agency of this problem facing several communities in Kenya. Our goal is to design and create an efficient but cheap water treatment system which is not only eco-friendly but also compact enough to consume very little space. The system is to provide safe clean drinking water to these communities.

We hope to accelerate the design and development of this system “ECO-CLEAN WATER” to be complete as fast as possible. We are running a fundraiser with the M-CHANGA nabbed ECO-CLEAN WATER, and we are calling for the entire LoS community for your support to help us make the difference and bring hope and life to these communities.

Our regards to Kani, the LoS founder, for providing us with the opportunity to express ourselves over and over again, the lovely Triza and Esther who always bring good things our way and not forgetting the whole LoS mentors and partners who are not afraid to be part of the revolution. Thank you.    




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