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Ken-Andrew Muthui (Winner of the LoS Awards challenge 2013)

Ken-Andrew Muthui-Winner of the LoS Awards challenge 2013

I enrolled for the Lions of Science (LoS) Awards challenge in 2013 with my Sonar Echo Eyes invention and became the winner of the challenge. The Sonar Echo Eyes innovation is a device I created to help the visually impaired people to be able to navigate through the use eco-location. 

I was awarded with the prize money and a 3 months scholarship for the German language course at Goethe institute Nairobi, 4 months of internship at iHub and a laptop which has been a very useful to my work.

During my internship at iHUB, I met some of the best techies in Kenya and I was also exposed to a development board called Galileo by Intel and a micro computer called the Raspberry Pi.

Upon completion of my internship and the German language course, I was given the opportunity to use office facilities at the LoS Hub where I spend some of my time on Tuesdays and Thursdays utilizing the internet as I do further research on the improvement of my already existing devices, inventions and  my other projects such as the Aqua Inferno.

Due to the diversity of my interests, I felt the motivation to pursue my passion of becoming a recognized comic artist and thus I co-founded "Vanguard Artz" which is a sequential arts company that tell stories through digital art. Vanguard Artz has two comic books so far which are The Dawn (I co-authored) and Continent.

So far we are on the lookout for publishers and investors to support us in realizing our vision of becoming innovative storytellers with a unique approach.

I thank the LoS team for their will to support us on this journey.





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