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Isaac Jumba (2nd runners-up, LoS Awards 2013)

Isaac Jumba- 2nd runners-up LoS Awards challenge 2013

The project Chagua Charity ("Choose Charity" in English) aims to make it fun and easy to give back to the community, including the most remote areas within the community. It provides a platform for both individuals and corporate institutions to have a wider access to information that will help them support the needy within the community in terms of volunteering, funding, item donations and any other form of support. Through its web and mobile application, it is easy for individuals to access charity profiles and monitor them as well. Chagua charity further provides logistics to make giving possible.

I hope to give a limelight to charities that are remotely located to share their stories to the world and give the world a chance to participate in these stories through donating and/or volunteering.

Currently, I am in Accra (Ghana) for a one year training at MEST a Ghanaian school for incubation and start-ups, as I seek to further develop and expand my knowledge, project and experience.
One of the experiences that have shaped the person I am today is being part of the LoS family. I say this because LoS gave me an opportunity to learn, grow, make mistakes and contribute my skills to its activities. It all started in October 2013, where I was the second runner’s up for the LoS Innovative Awards Challenge 2013, with my project idea, Hostel HookApp. I later dropped the idea after doing a thorough market research, mentorship from LoS partners and also because of other engagements.

A few months later, I visited the LoS offices at the Heinrich Boell Foundation and had a chance of interacting with the LoS team and partners and since I liked the environment, my goal was to, one day be part of the LoS family.In February 2014, I was privileged to do my internship at LoS, and being the first LoS intern, it meant that I had a lot to learn. During this time, I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the amazing LoS team, meet LoS partners and organize and attend innovation events. I also had an opportunity to redesign the LoS logo.

After my internship, I kept in touch with LoS, as it was like a second home for me. I really liked how supportive they were in helping me realize my social start-up ,Chagua Charity, which I have been working on since then. My best experience was during the process of transformation from my first project Hostel HookApp to become Chagua Charity. Lions of Science always allowed me to develop my idea in their office space free of charge (now the LoS Hub). They also gave me further advice and mentorship through their network of advisers and mentors.
As I write now, they are still offering me support with my project and will even support me to finally register my new project Chagua Charity. When Lions of Science says 'We invest in your potential', I am prove of this slogan being a reality. It is only through LoS that I am who I am, I am where am today and I will always feel part of the LoS family.

Considering my position, experience and the expertise that I have acquired through Lions of Science, I am looking forward to offering my support to all the upcoming innovators and entrepreneurs, in all ways possible. This will help in building the young generation of Kenya “LIONS”.

My great appreciation goes to Kani, the LoS founder, Triza and Esther, and the entire LoS team for believing and investing in me.





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