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Figure 1:Interlectual property Rights seminar 2015

LoS Hub is a platform that was recently created by Lions of Science (LoS) to offer space, mentorship and guidance to students who participate in LoS activities, LoS Awards Challenge and winners of the challenge.
The hub ensures that LoS’ mission which is to unfold, enhance and capacity build  the potential of Kenyan youth and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and innovation is achieved. The hub is located at the Heinrich Boell Foundation along forest road.

LoS hub offers workshops, seminars, working space, internships, mentorship programs, contacts and opportunities to students to widely interact and network with professionals in their fields and brain storm on projects, ideas  or get support on their projects or business development.
The Women's only Workshop

LoS Hub focuses on gender awareness and thus annually holds a women in STEM forum” Women’s only Workshop” which is a day for female students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  to come together to discuss and solve the issues they face in STEM under yearly changing themes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Figure 2: Women’s only workshop 2016
Figure 1: Women's only Workshop 2016
On February 20th, 2015 LoS held the 1st Women’s only workshop on the theme: The role of women in Science, Technology and Innovation; goals, challenges and the way forward towards achieving 'Vision 2030'.The forum was well attended and the participants were amazed by the activities of the day from which they were enlightened and encouraged.
This year,on 11th of March,the same event was held at the LoS Hub under the theme “Sustaining the inclusion of women in STEM”. The event had an attendance of one hundred students from universities and colleges across the country. It breakout session in which students were grouped into smaller groups and each group had a session with all the facilitators of the day

The Interlectual Property Rights

In addition to Women’s only workshop, LoS Hub also offers other seminars such as the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) where students learn all that concerns patenting their innovations and copyright issues. The participants are also taught basic pitching and presentation skills for their projects.
Early October 2014, LoS hosted the first seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and Prof. Ethel O. Monda from the Intellectual Property Rights unit at Kenyatta University (KU) was the key speaker of the day. The participants of the seminar were students who had submitted their projects for the LoS Awards Challenge 2014 and they appreciated the outcome of the seminar for it served as an eye opener to them and to their innovations.

Figure 3: Intellectual Property Rights seminar 2014 
Figure 2: Intellectual Property Rights seminar 2014
In October 2015, the same workshop was held at the LoS Hub and the participants were equipped with the same skills on patenting and basic presentation and pitching skills by Belinda Ilagosa from KIPI and Dr. Susan Musembi from Kenyatta University (KU) respectively. The focus points of the day were to:
  • Enlighten LoS participants on what entails a good innovation project submission, terminologies and appropriate way to answer key questions asked and how to present and pitch their project ideas to potential sponsors or investors.               
  • Educate the participants on Intellectual Property Rights both locally and globally. More so what is expected of them from one step to the other when to patenting  their project ideas/concept and copyright their ideas.                                                                          
The hub also provides working space for the annual LoS Awards Challenge winners and participants to further develop their projects/ idea/ reserch/startup in a conducive working environment with ample space and internet connection. It also serve as a link between students and other hubs, sponsors, partners, advisors and investors.


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