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There are roughly over 10,000 business incubators worldwide today. The bulk of these incubators being in the United States, Europe and Asian countries and many of them focusing on what we can call ‘startups’ that are ready to roll out in the market. Very few of these incubators address the gap between what happens from a raw idea to the actual startup and majority do not focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

       Figure 1: LoS Awards Challange presentation 2015
Lions of Science (LoS) therefore was established emanating from this reality and it seeks to build the advancement of STEM generated social startups in Kenya and Africa at large. In the past two years, LoS has driven this agenda through seeking to provide a platform where innovative early-stage projects from Kenyan college/university students can be showcased.

These ideas focus on societal challenges and are based on credible scientific research in order to solve economic, social & environmental challenges in Kenya today. The ideas are vigorously screened based on criteria set and the best ideas are awarded, incubated and nurtured to come up with a social enterprise. This is achieved through the annual LoS Award Challenge

The LoS Internet platform enables the participating students to upload their project directly to the LoS website. The rewards for the awards include prize money to further develop the project, professional
 incubation of the project in collaboration with LoS partners and project mentoring.

For eligibility, the annual projects/ research HAVE TO;-

  • You MUST be an enrolled student in a university or college or recent graduate (less than 1year) from East Africa

  •  Project MUST be based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

  • Individuals who apply must be one of the founding members of the project. One person can apply for the Prize, on behalf of the team.

  • Project Team should have gender balance (have both male and female in the team)

  • Academia-industry partnership – team up with industry or academia to provide with real-life challenges/solutions

  • Projects that have won awards or recognition in other Innovation Challenges at the time of submission are not eligible

 The following will be of added advantage to the submitting team/project/research

  • Products/services that benefit women

  • Diverse skills of team members( from different fields)

  • Create a realistic business model that proves solution has market potential

  • Integrate technology – social media, ICT, engineering 

  • Promote green economy

Argue conclusively why your project has what it takes to become a successful Kenyan start-up - streamlining the country towards achieving Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Are you up to the task? Sign up for our next LoS Awards.

Applications for 2016 LoS awards cycle will be open on May 1st, 2016





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