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Welcome to Lions of Science

Lions of Science - LoS -  is a charitable organization registered in Kenya and Germany. LoS aims to capacity build and award creative and innovative Kenyan Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics - STEM - students. This is through the LoS Annual Awards, LoS hub and LoS Academy. Our vision and goal is to foster the improvement of social and economic livelihood in Kenya, Africa and beyond. As LoS we envision that through our work and platform we can also make a contribution to modify the still one-dimensional narrative of ‘Africa’. LoS is dedicated to the African Renaissance.

what we do

At Lions of Science we created a platform for awarding and promoting innovative early-stage entrepreneurship by Kenyan STEM (Science, Techology, Engineering and Mathematics) students. We do so by offering seminars, workshops and mentorship at the LoS Hub. From 2016 on we will additonally focus on integral entrepreneurship capacity building for STEM students by offering different programs in collaboration with stragetic LoS partners. Our activities are crowned during the annual LoS Awards, the center piece of our activities, where we celebrate and award the most promising innovative projects of those shortlisted students who applied at LoS.

Recent Events

Feel free to browse through our recent events - facilitated or conducted by Lions of Science at the LoS Hub

Some of our Featured Projects

Project HORAE is an example of synergy between Information Technology

and Mechanical Engineering.

Project HORAE involves water level sensor mounted in overhead water tank

which is reponsible for alerting a microprocessor on when to open or

close water pump.Its soil humidity sensor sends data to the

microprocessor which then decides when to open or close irrigation vales

depending on the recieved values after comparison with its database.

Data from humidity, temperatute and sunshine intensity sensors are also

collectected and sent to cloud storage via internet module liked to the

microprocessor. The farmer then access this informtion via an

interactive mobile application thus can monitor in real time his farm

and also capable of remotely controlling his equipments...
2nd Runners up 2015
Bacterial cellulose is an alternative to using plant cellulose due to its high level of purity due to

the absence of hemicelluloses and lignin and does not require extensive processing. Bacterial

cellulose is an exopolysaccharide produced by Acetobacter xylinum inoculated in suitable

medium consisting glucose, yeast, citric acid referred to as Hestrin-schramm media. The

concentration of glucose was varied to determine at what concentration there is maximum

production of cellulose. Acetobacter xylinum was isolated from rotting apples and confirmed by

biochemical and morphological tests shown in Plate 6, 7 and 8. A bacterial cellulose pellicle

formed on the surface of the media as shown in Plate 9. There was a greater yield of bacterial

cellulose at greater concentration of glucose as seen in Table 1. Plant cellulose was obtained

from crushed maize seeds, hydrolyzed and compared with the bacterial cellulose. The method

used for comparison was high performance liquid chromatography method. Plant cellulose

contained hemicelluloses and lignin as shown by Graph 3 compared to bacterial cellulose shown

in Graph 2 which lacked the impurities. It is a cheap alternative since less processing is required

for removal of impurities as it is pure cellulose....
1st place winner 2015
Unicomm Kit is a universal translator that enables end to end communication (two way) between the sign language users and those who can communicate verbally. The kit is able to converts hand gestures and finger motions to words and speech and also convert speech into words. It has a glove lined up with sensors that detect changes in resistance and can tell when a finger is bent or stretched. It also has touch sensors that can sense contact of the wearer's hands and fingers .The sensors gathers data from the fingers motion and gestures and transmit it to a micro-controller that analyzes all the incoming electrical signals and translate them into words and audio. A Liquid Chrystal Display (LCD) then displays the words and a speaker produces audio (Speech) of the exact electrical signal....
1st place winner 2015
This project is about an automatic water detector that identifies availability of water and switches on the pump whenever there is water and switches off the pump whenever there is no water. The innovation is able to notify the concerned person with a call that the water is being pumped...
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
How do we get to learn the language of the deaf in Kenya? If organizing public forum/event where will I get a sign language interpreter to cater for the deaf in attendance? The answer lies in KSLMoby. KSLMoby is an android mobile application that utilizes the Kenya Institute of Sign...
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

What People Say About Us

Dr. Salome M. Guchu

"It was wonderful joining LoS during the 2015 Awards event. I once again congratulate the entire LoS team, You guys are doing great work of nurturing creative and innovative young minds- well done."

Assistant Director of Research, Kenyan Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology
A Student on Facebook

"This is very encouraging, giving new innovators a chance to realise their dreams. For sure, this will have a far reaching impact on current and future generations in terms of Thinking Big"

Kenyan University Student
Ingo badoreck

"Thank you for giving us the honor to be in the jury."

Director Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya (AHK Kenya)
Marietta Slomka

"Unser Afrika-Bild verengt sich leider immer wieder auf zwei Blickwinkel: das Hunger-Afrika oder das Safari-Afrika (...) Es ist gut, wenn eine Organisation wie Lions of Science dazu beiträgt, akademischen Nachwuchs zu fördern und dadurch zugleich auch die [Fremd] Wahrnehmung dieses Kontinents zu weiten."

News Anchor - ZDF (German-TV)
Volker A. Schmidt

"Ich freue mich über die Möglichkeit Ihnen und Ihrer guten Idee in der Jury zur Verfügung zu stehen."

General Manager Consumer Health Kenya - Merck Ltd
Dr. Bitange Ndemo

"Lions of Science is an excellent organisation. We need such kind of spirit that allows the youth to unfold its entrepreneurial potential. Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship will allow us to grow towards a promising future."

Former PS, lecturer & 'Father' of Kenyan Internet



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