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Congratulations! The Lions of Science Awards 2014 winners
Congratulations! The Lions of Science Awards 2014 winners

 - A pursuit for true lions.

The Lions of Science jury and the winners of the LoS Awards 2014The winners and jury of the LoS Awards 2014

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On February 20th, 2015 the Lions of Science all-female workshop for university students took place at the Lions of Science hub in Nairobi.

Title: "The role of women in science, technology and innovation; goals, challenges and the way forward towards achieving 'Vision 2030'"

Venue: LoS hub at the Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Forest Road, Parklands (Nairobi)

Time: 8.00 a.m.  - 16.00 p.m.

For information please contact Triza Njoki or visit our Facebook page

Featured Projects

This project is about an automatic water detector that identifies availability of water and switches on the pump whenever there is water and switches off the pump whenever there is no water. The innovation is able to notify the concerned person with a call that the water is being pumped...
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
ICT / Media
How do we get to learn the language of the deaf in Kenya? If organizing public forum/event where will I get a sign language interpreter to cater for the deaf in attendance? The answer lies in KSLMoby. KSLMoby is an android mobile application that utilizes the Kenya Institute of Sign...
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
This project will see the use of mobile phone technology to initiate and agricultural enterprises in kenya
There are very many visually challenged individuals. Project: I.S.E.E Integrated Sonar Echo Eye Wearable Spectacles that can detect obstacles by employing the use of ultra sonic frequencies. It alerts the wearer through audio ques via embedded speaker as to on coming obstacles. It has been said “as blind as a...
The project will see computerization of the garbage deposit and collection in Kenya.
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
ICT / Media
Hostel Hook-App is a platform based on the Android Mobile Application as well as an interactive website that users mostly students will download to their phones and be able to make reservations in advance in their preferred hostels and apartments online from the comfort of home as opposed to traveling...
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

The 2015 project application is on.

Click here for the project submission page.


Thanks a lot for giving us the honor to be in the jury. - Ingo Badoreck, Country Director - German Delegation of Industry and Commerce in Kenya

Thank you for giving us, the innovative minds a chance to express our brilliant ideas. - A participating student

Ich bin dabei. - Daniella Pleitz, General Manager - KHS East Africa Ltd.

Ich freue mich über die Möglichkeit Ihnen und Ihrer guten Idee in der Jury zur Verfügung zu stehen. - Volker A. Schmidt, General Manager Consumer Health Kenya - Merck Ltd.

Unser Afrika-Bild verengt sich leider immer wieder auf zwei Blickwinkel: das Hunger-Afrika oder das Safari-Afrika. Dass dieser Kontinent vielschichtig ist, dass es zum Beispiel auch ein urbanes, akademisches Afrika gibt, wird meist ausgeblendet. Es ist gut, wenn ein Projekt wie 'Lions of Science' dazu beiträgt, akademischen Nachwuchs zu fördern und zugleich auch die Wahrnehmung dieses Kontinents zu weiten. - Marietta Slomka, news anchor - ZDF (German-TV)

The website is very well structured and highly interesting. - Barbara Reich, Press and Film Officer, Music Tours and Music Projects Coordinator - Goethe-Institut Kenya

I think the idea, the network and the Lions of Science approach are excellent. - Margot Weiler, Coordinator - DAAD Program ‘Welcome to Africa’

Lions of Science is an excellent organisation that I'm following since the very beginning in 2012. We need this kind of spirit and mentality that allows others to unfold their entrepreneurial potential. Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the keys that will allow us to grow towards a promising future. - Dr. Bitange Ndemo, 'Father' of Kenyan Internet

Excellent entrepreneurship! - Jos Eussen, Director - Regional Centre Of Expertise (Rhine-Meuse)